Our Culture


The Assembly Jackson is an Assembles of God (AG) church located in downtown Jackson, MI.  

We are a family on mission with a Good Father who has seeded in us a passion to see His Kingdom come and His Will be done until His glory covers the earth like the waters cover the sea.

We will pour our lives into being Sons and Daughters and raising up Sons and Daughters who are full throated truth tellers, hope peddlers, and grave robbers, whose fuel is joy and whose Gospel is peace until His beauty shines so brightly that His house is filled with the once blind, once broken, once enslaved- now saved and healed and free.

We are a family on mission.

If you'd like to know more about the specific doctrines we hold to be true, we welcome you explore the Assemblies of God Fundamental Truths.

Our Leadership Team

Ross Family2.jpg

Rachel Ross, Lead Pastor

Contact Information: pastorrachelross@gmail.com

Elder Board.jpg

Elder board

Alan & Shawnna Breneman, Mitch & Rachel Ross, Bob Sight, Denise Davis

Deacan Board.jpg

Deacon Board

Gary Pigott, Catherine Richmond, Casey Wells, Jessi Mauer (not pictured)

Stream Leaders.jpg

Ministry Stream Leaders

Ben Poxson, Evangelism Stream

Amber Wells, Pastoral Stream- Care

Mitch Ross, Pastoral Stream- Structure

Becky Reibel, Teaching Stream

Rev. Alyssa Booher, Prophetic Stream

Alan Breneman, Pastoral Stream- Connection

Prophetic Stream - Rev. Alyssa Booher

Worship Pastor - Alyssa Booher

SOZO Director - Sherry Poxson

Prayer Team Leader - Shawnna Breneman

Pastoral Stream

Pastoral Connection Lead - Alan Breneman

Head Usher - Josh Hahn & Gary Pigott

Greater Team Lead - Leonard & Seprina Herrington

Men’s Ministry - Jeff CLanton

Huddles - Rev Alyssa Booher

Coffee Ministry - Jeff & Becky Clanton

Communion - Leonard & Seprina Herrington

Pastoral Care Lead - Amber Wells

Nursery Team Lead - Holly Hahn

Kitchen Ministry - Sally Maxwell & Jessi Mauer

Prayer - Dannielle Bowden

Benevolence - Amber Wells

Church Family Events (Baptism, Baby Dedications, Weddings, Funerals) - Amber Wells

Teaching Stream - Becky Reibel

Adult Spiritual Formation - Pastor Rachel Ross

Youth Ministry - Lucas & Sabrina Beitelschies

Women’s Ministry - Dana Remisovsky

Greenhouse Kids Ministry - Betty Sight

Evangelism Stream - Ben Poxson